Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet because nobody taxes the sun yet.

Hate summers? Is the scorching sun too hot to bear? Well at the end of this blog, I bet, you won’t be cursing the sun anymore the way you did back. Because I am going to portray the merits of this huge fireball, delivering enormous amount of energy for years and would be continuing to serve the humanity for infinite generations, in such a way that you won’t be able to deny its worth.

Ever thought that it’s the last energy resource whose use is still unpaid by humans. Not yet? Let’s have a look then on some of those points which require your attention to adopt the idea of powering your homes with this non-conventional renewable energy.

Here are the 5 benefits to go Solar in 2018 with Horizon Solar Power

1. Drastically reduce or even eliminate utility bills

Irrespective of what you are whether a homeowner, business, or nonprofit, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. With the installation of solar panel system, you’ll not only generate free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifecycle but can even reduce your utility bills enabling you to save a lot of money.

Let’s see why installing a solar panel system at your home or business is an economical choice. According to the surveys made, an average monthly electric bill of an ordinary Australian citizen counters to around $100 which becomes an annual $1,200 expense and over 20 years, that same $100 monthly bill balloons to $24,000 paid to your utility, and as the factoring in electricity rate increases, consequences are more likely to make your 20-year energy costs even higher. Thus by installing a solar panel system, you can fix your electricity costs and make them more predictable. This is especially beneficial for anyone with a fixed income, as well as for businesses who stand to gain from a more stable cash flow.

2. Earn a great return on your investment

While investing in solar panels, you must not worry about expenses as they’re one of the best ways to invest, with returns rivaling those of more traditional investments like stocks and bonds.

Solar power system is a financial product in many ways because of its capability of generating annual returns ranging anywhere from 10 percent to more than 30 percent.

3. Protect against rising energy costs

One of the biggest advantage of solar panels is their ability to hedge utility prices. According to statistics drawn for the past ten years, it was concluded that residential electricity prices have gone up by an average of three percent annually. If invested in solar energy system, can not only fix your electricity rate but also protect against unpredictable increases in electricity costs. Going solar also helps you to better forecast and manage your expenses, if you’re a business or homeowner with fluctuating cash flow.

4. Increase your property value

According to multiple studies, it was found that homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell more quickly than non-solar homes. These days, appraisers are increasingly craving for solar installations and value homes with solar utilities at the time of a sale, and as home-buyers become more educated about solar, demand for properties equipped with solar panel systems will continue to grow.

5. Protect the environment and reduce Global Warming

Solar power systems are well known to derive clean and pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on your home not only helps combat greenhouse gas emissions but also reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. Everyone is well aware with the fact that traditional electricity has been sourced from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas from many years. But when fossil fuels are burned to produce electricity, they emit harmful gases which is the leading cause of air pollution and global climate change.

Global warming has threatened the survival of human society, as well as the survival of countless species. Luckily the advancement in the study of exploring solar energy for many decades, turned out to be one of the most important solutions to the global warming crisis.


As the number of installations of solar power systems increases, more the nation moves farther away from fossil fuel consumption and closer to a clean economy powered by the sun. Solar energy’s dividends are not only benefiting individuals but also upgrading the current scenario of environment to cleaner and more sustainable. Thus we can conclude that the only renewable energy technology that can be used as a commercially viable solution for integrating bulk energy into storage plant is the solar energy and by adopting solar power solutions one can generate passive income which is again an economical benefit for the citizens.

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