The Process

Interface Design

Our first duty is to plan, sketch and design a layout that suits your premises. This intensive process kicks off by determining how much power you need on a daily basis, the number of solar panels required, and power-storage solutions and the best location for all required gadgets.


We design a setup that will serve you all year round. This is the most comprehensive part of our job and we do it thoroughly using a practical scientific approach and lessons from past experiences. It’s complex, but we own it, so we understand every bit.

Trust our highly skilled and well-trained labour force to give you a realistic assessment and an amazing, artistic and well-planned layout for your solar panel system. 

Creativity Is Key

Our team employs utmost creativity in planning and executing the solar installation process. From these creative processes, we get impressive solutions regardless of project size.


We serve a wide range of customers, including commercial and noncommercial entities. Government institutions, factories, hospitals, street highlighting, clubs, colleges, private homes, libraries and others have all benefited from our solar power solutions.


With this creative approach, we craft customized solutions for any all our customers. No project is too big for us.

Real-Time Performance Tracking

Successful installation of a solar panel system is just one part of the job. Once this is done, we do real-time performance tracking to ensure that your system works at its optimum capacity.


In this monitoring process, we evaluate all important aspects of performance. This includes the time it takes to fully recharge your batteries, the performance of your inverter, the solar meter, and ultimately the efficiency of your newly installed system.

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