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We are Horizon! An esteemed and highly-skilled renewable energy provider based in Australia. Our cost-effective, high-quality solar power solutions go beyond the horizon. We have a clear picture of the future of renewable energy, and we will take you with us.

At Horizon Solar Power, we acknowledge the changing times and the growing demand for renewable energy. We aren’t just sitting and watching it roll out: We are part of the solution. Our products and services are specially customized for industrial and commercial consumers as well as home-based consumers.

Our approach to solar power solutions begins with an understanding of your specific needs. It’s all about what you want to achieve using our well-thought solutions

To get it right, we do an assessment of your current power situation, discuss it with you and craft solutions to help you save on the power bills and create a carbon-free world.

Our solutions are tailor-made for every client. Most importantly, we are budget-friendly!


We take pride in having a team that is passionate and highly skilled in renewable energy. Our experts have a collective experience of more than 30 years of research and development (R&D).


Over the decades, we’ve been creating groundbreaking solar power solutions for commercial and noncommercial use as well as home-based consumption. We’ve put together a team of courteous and friendly customer service professionals to handle all your questions, guide you through the installation process and conduct follow up.

The rising of the sun each day is important to you, but we value the relationship we build to bring light and power to your life. 


Our commitment is to walk the journey with you from the first time you contact us, to installation and any after-sale-service required. It goes beyond business!

We Are Part of the Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is an umbrella nonprofit organization that brings together industry players to harness regulation and encourage strict observance of industry standards.


We are an active member of the CEC. Our customers have confidence in us because we belong to a body of like-minded stakeholders. Through our participation, we are leading advocates and contributors to the renewable energy industry in Australia.

Financing Your Project:

How Can We Help?

Your project doesn’t need to stall because of finances. We have various financing models customized to make our products and services affordable and the installation process seamless. Our Plans Include :
PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
With a PPA plan, you don’t have to worry about the initial cost of installation. With this model, you pay for the solar power produced by the system, rather than purchasing the system in itself. The cost that you pay over time is significantly low. You are guaranteed to pay lower than what it would cost you to purchase a similar token of electricity from the grid.
Solar Lease
Instead of investing upfront capital for your solar panel system, you can opt for the lease plan. With this model, you install a commercial solar system on your property and make payments over a prolonged period of time.
This way, we ensure that your business doesn’t get into a financial drain at the inception stage. This is an effective support model for new businesses as well as existing ones.

We also partner with financial service providers such as Brighte Finance and Macquarie Finance to give you more funding options.
Case Study


SYSTEM 30.2 kW
INDUSTRY Reglious Organisation
ABOUT The church was providing a range of community services throughout a normal year, with their electricity bills being one of the major expenses on its balance sheet of over $9,000 per annum.
EQUIPMENT 106 Canadian Solar Panels SMA Inverter System
RESULT Cut power bill by over $8,000 per quarter, with an estimated ROI 33 %
Case Study


LOCATION Shepparton, VIC
INDUSTRY Cold storage (food stuffs)
ABOUT Cold storage company which stored dried fruit on behalf of major retailers. The typical energy use amounted to $60,000 per annum.
EQUIPMENT 435 Longi Solar Panels HAWAIE Inverter System
RESULT Cut power bill by over $45,000 per year with an estimated ROI 27%
Case Study


INDUSTRY Cold storage (food stuffs)
ABOUT Supply food to major airlines
EQUIPMENT 440 Longi Solar Panels HAWAIE Inverter System
RESULT Cut power bill by over $22,600 per year with an estimated ROI 28 %

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Tajinder, Hallam
Gagandeep, Truganina
Alan, Tullermarine
Alan, Business Owner Industrial Paint Manufacturer
Alan, Business Owner Industrial Paint Manufacturer
Alan, Business Owner Industrial Paint Manufacturer

"We were getting a lot of bills, but the Horizon team made it very easy to get started"

Smooth process
"From the initial enquiry to the final installation, it was a very smooth process"

"The first company I approached asked that I pay $4,000 upfront just for them to come and quote on the work. My insurance company recommended Horizon, and just went from there.

“We were in our old factory for 68 years, and were spending $500 - 600 a month on electricity so we knew it was going to be similar in the new place."

"Horizon scoped the work and came up with a break even scenario for us in 3 years. Its been 12 months now and the bills at this stage have been very, very low."

"The Horizon team were very efficient, with minimal disruption. We’re very happy with the whole process."

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