Here Our Customized Systems

The Residential Solar Power Provision

Households remain huge consumers of electric power in Australia. Horizon Solar Power aims to help all our residential customers to install affordable, durable and environment-friendly solar power systems. We have specific solutions tailored for Australian homes in both urban and rural locations. It doesn’t matter how remote your location is; as long as the sun shines, we have a product to suit your needs. We have developed a technology that harvests both solar and wind energy. We also build a hybrid system taking advantage of both solar and wind to serve you better.

Industrial and Commercial Solutions

Australia is among the global leaders in production and consumption of renewable energy. It is ranked 8th on the list of countries with the highest installations. Horizon Solar Systems encourages customers to take advantage of government incentives that reward installation and use of solar power in business premises.

These incentives come in form of:

As businesses continue to seek ways to reduce the cost of doing business, Horizon Solar Power takes the lead in facilitating these efforts.

Connection to Grid, Off-Grid and Remote Power

Our customized connection solutions are packaged to help reap the highest rewards from renewable energy.

Horizon Solar Power provides pre-engineered as well as customized systems that tap into existing grids around the country. We also work closely with various manufacturers in improving of PV panels, meters, charge inverters and other essential implements in solar power systems.

Consultations for Renewable Energy

Take advantage of our expertise, experience and exposure in renewable energy and gain a wealth of foresight. We share our extensive experience with commercial, industrial and individual clients through our specialized consultancy services on everything renewable energy. As a respected player in this sector, we make it our role to give relevant information to individuals and businesses, including access to government subsidies.

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