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A Horizon Solar Power System will reduce your power bills and will help Australians with clean future

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Solar Energy

Solar energy power harnesses the free supply of energy from The Sun which is a vast, inexhaustible and clean resource that can supply a significant portion of our electricity needs. A range of technologies is used to convert the sun’s energy into electricity,

Design Excellence

Our first duty is to plan, sketch and design a layout that suits your premises.

Quality Workmanship

Our team employs utmost creativity in planning and executing the solar installation process.

Real-Time Monitoring

Successful installation of a solar panel system is just one part of the job.

Alan, Business Owner
elementor team

Horizon scoped the work and came up with a break even scenario for us in 3 years. Its been 12 months now and the bills at this stage have been very, very low. The Horizon team were very efficient, with minimal disruption. We’re very happy with the whole process.

Priyank and the team were very good and we are getting exactly what we were expecting.



We are Horizon! An esteemed and highly-skilled renewable energy provider based in Australia. Our cost-effective, high-quality solar power solutions go beyond the horizon. We have a clear picture of the future of renewable energy, and we will take you with us.

At Horizon Solar Power, we acknowledge the changing times and the growing demand for renewable energy. We aren’t just sitting and watching it roll out: We are part of the solution. Our products and services are specially customized for industrial and commercial consumers as well as home-based consumers.



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