Solar Hot Water

Save money, energy, and the environment.

Solar energy power harnesses the free supply of energy from the Sun which is a vast, inexhaustible and clean resource. Solar power has changed the lives of millions of Australian’s across the country, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint and cut pollution whilst enjoying savings by cutting the cost of heating their water.

Solar hot water is water heated using the heat of the sun. Solar energy heats up large panels called thermal collectors. The energy is transferred through a fluid (often water) to a reservoir tank for storage and subsequent use. It is then used to heat water for commercial or domestic use.

In the case of Victoria, converting everyone from electric to solar hot water could save 20% of the state’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

During the 1950s, Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation(CSIRO) carried out world leading research into flat plate solar water heaters. A solar water heater manufacturing industry was subsequently established in Australia and a large proportion of the manufactured product was exported. Four of the original companies are still in business and the manufacturing base has now expanded to 24 companies.

Water heating is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home, accounting for around 28 per cent of home energy use (excluding the family car). The Australian government estimates that installing a climate friendly hot water system can save hundreds of dollars of a family electricity bills each year.

Harnessing the sun’s immense heat & power is easy and affordable using products like solar water heaters. At Horizon Solar Power hasa range of technologically advanced for high efficiencyand environmentally-friendly solar hot water systems can provide up to 90% of your water heating needs slashing your consumption of greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels and therefore reducing your water heating bills.

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